Work Visa in Indonesia: How to apply KITAS C-312

Work Visa in Indonesia is KITAS C-312, this is what business people and/or foreign employees who want to live and work in Indonesia need. Many foreigners choose to work in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and Bali.

Yes, Bali is part of Indonesia. Just in case you don’t know that yet.

To be able to work in Indonesia, you must at least fully understand the information about what must be prepared to get a work permit in Indonesia. Of course, you don’t want to experience problems with immigration in the middle of your job.

However, sometimes Indonesian immigration rules change. For this reason, Abhitech, one of the most trusted visa agents in Indonesia, always provides the latest information about visas for both work and investment in Indonesia.

With the hope that it can help you as a worker who wants to focus on a career in Indonesia.

KITAS C-312 is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number 29 of 2021 concerning Visas and Stay Permits.

Previously we have discussed many articles about  KITAS and Work Permit. Which you can read.

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work permit in Indonesia for foreigner

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What is Work Visa – KITAS C312

In The External Dimension of EU Social Security Coordination: Towards a Common EU Approach 

A Work Permit or Work Visa is permission to take a job within a foreign country. The foreign country where someone seeks to obtain a work permit is also known as the “country of work”, as opposed to the “country of origin” where someone holds citizenship or nationality. 

Work Permit has a similar meaning: work papers, working papers. Is a type of instrument, legal document, legal instrument, or official document.

USA Gov says a work permit is an Employment Authorization Document or EAD

Well, Indonesia has a work visa called C312. Who obeys kemenkumham Indonesia. where this visa is given to foreign nationals who come to Indonesia to work.

The KITAS for working in Indonesia is issued after obtaining Work Permit approval from the Ministry of Manpower and prior Visa Approval from the Directorate General of Immigration Office (Dirjen Imigrasi).

If you have a KITAS C-312 work visa then your stay in Indonesia is given for 6 (six months)/180 days, 1 (one) year, or 2 (two) years. Of course, this residence permit can be extended in accordance with the plan for the use of foreign workers (RPTKA) which has been approved by the minister or appointed official.

Work visa Indonesia requirements

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Of course, to have a work visa in Indonesia, especially KITAS C-312, you must fulfill several core requirements.

Now you can also apply for a Limited Stay Visa online via the following link Online Visa Approval

What should you attach?

According to the website Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia.

For foreigner:

You must attach at least 6 important documents:

  1. Letter of guarantee from the Guarantor who is the employer of the Foreigner;
  2. Valid and Valid Nationality Passport:
    1. a minimum of 12 (twelve) months for those who will carry out work in the Indonesian Territory for a maximum period of 180 (one hundred and eighty) days;
    2. a minimum of 18 (eighteen) months for those who will work or live in the Indonesian Territory for a maximum period of 1 (one) year; or
    3. a minimum of 30 (thirty) months for those who will work or live in the Indonesian Territory for a maximum of 2 (two) years.
  3. Proof of having living expenses for himself and/or his family while in Indonesian Territory of at least US$2000 (two thousand US dollars) or equivalent;
  4. 2 (two) recent color photographs measuring 4 cm x 6 cm (four centimeters by six centimeters) with a white background;
  5. Letter of recommendation from the authorized agency in charge of employment or other related agencies.
  6. Letter of recommendation from the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) for applicants who are citizens of certain entities who work or are officials at the Chamber of Commerce.

*We can help if you are unable to provide any of the documents, just let us know here.

And if you are the company employer or sponsor, you must have at least 10 documents

For sponsor:

  1. The letterhead company comes with the address, email, phone number, and stamp of the company;
  2. Color scanned copy of Article Association (Akta Notary);
  3. Color scanned copy of Trading License (Izin Usaha) or Standard Certificate;
  4. Color scanned copy of Domicile Company (Izin Lokasi) or KKPR/PKKPR;
  5. Color scanned copy of Company Registry Letter (NIB);
  6. Color scanned copy of Company Tax Registry (NPWP);
  7. Color scanned copy of Legal Letter of Ministry of Law (SK Menteri);
  8. Color scanned copy of  ID / Passport Director; 
  9. Color scanned copy of the ID of the employee in a company;
  10. Local ID of employees (scanned copy) of at least 10 people in terms made WL report (employment of 1 foreigner supposed to be followed by 10 employee local).

How to Apply for Work Permit in Indonesia

step by step work permit kitas c312 in indonesia

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If you already have all these requirements, now you can directly apply for a visa via the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration or directly via the Online Visa Approval in Indonesia.

Granting a one-time visit visa to a foreigner involves the following stages:

  1. Checking the completeness of requirements;
  2. Payment of immigration fees following statutory provisions;
  3. Profiling and verification;
  4. Agreement;
  5. Visa issuance.


These are all important documents that you must prepare whether you are a foreigner who wants to work in Indonesia or a sponsor or company who wants to recruit foreign workers. You can continue to see updates from official government websites regarding the latest regulations.

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