Visa Agents in Indonesia: How to Avoid Common Agent-Related Issues

Visa agents in Indonesia continue to increase every year, but not all have good quality, which results in several issues.

Don’t worry, for those of you who need an Indonesian visa, be it a work permit or investment visa, we will provide several ways to avoid stubborn visa agents.

According to The Jakarta Post, Indonesia had over 138,000 foreign workers in the first ten months of this year, according to Manpower Ministry data.

However, many of them work with fake visa agents so they have an unpleasant experience. Promises and lower prices often tempt them to work with “brokers” or fake visa agents. Individuals tempted by such offers often pay more, wait longer, and face entry issues into Indonesia due to a lack of proper registration.

So, what are the mistakes of fake visa agents and how can you avoid them?

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1. Application for Wrong Visa Type 

This is the most common mistake made by fake Visa Agents in Indonesia. Those who do not understand the immigration system in Indonesia will be deceived. Because Indonesia has several types of visas.

You can read about Indonesian visas here.

A simple example is if you want to work in Indonesia, then you have to use KITAS C312, if you want to invest for 1 year then KITAS C313

The information is quite complex and seems repetitive, right? However, without a basic understanding of Indonesian visas, fake visa agents might easily deceive you.

You don’t need to memorize KITAS and Visas in Indonesia, just bookmark this article and when you work with a visa agent, immediately match it with the data we provide.


2. Not transparent with fees

Navigating through Indonesian visa options with Abhitech: A guide to choosing the right KITAS for foreign workers and investors looking for reliable visa agent services

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One of the problems often faced when dealing with fake visa agents in Indonesia is the lack of transparency regarding fees. Usually, they offer very cheap prices up front. The goal is to get you interested in working together.

However, in the process, many additional costs will arise that were not previously mentioned. Examples include administration fees and document processing fees. As a result, you pay more.

Information about visa processing fees can be seen on the Ministry of Immigration website. Indeed, visa processing is not free and some fees must be paid.

A professional and trusted visa agent will provide clear and open-cost details. This includes document processing fees, administration fees, and other additional fees if any.

If your agent avoids providing cost details or suddenly raises prices for no apparent reason, that’s a big red flag.  Make sure you get a detailed explanation of all costs before starting a collaboration.

You can read about selecting the right partner, here.


3. Long Visa Process

Avoiding pitfalls with visa agents in Indonesia: Abhitech's expert team providing comprehensive EOR and visa services to ensure compliance and timely application for foreign nationals

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In some cases, indeed, processing a visa is not fast, but it may not take that long. You can check the Indonesian Foreign Ministry website here.

If you work with a professional visa agent in Indonesia, you can also ask for their work estimates. If they answer unpredictably for no apparent reason, it is suspicious.

That’s why the landing page Abhitech gives you a transparent estimated time here.

There are also cases of visa agents without credibility, after they work with you, the agent will contact the best visa agent to take care of your letter. So the process will be longer and longer. Of course, the costs you incur will be more.

Even if a professional agent will dare to guarantee 100% Compliance & 100% on time before you agree to work with them.

Abhitech has created the 7 best visa agents in Indonesia here.


4. The Visa Agent’s company reputation is less transparent

Reputation is everything in the visa processing business. A good visa agent will have a clear track record, testimonials from previous clients, and positive reviews on various platforms.

But don’t be mistaken, it could be that the company is just making one-sided claims, you have to look in more detail, for example, Abhitech has collaborated with large companies in Indonesia such as PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia, ExxonMobil, Indo Raya Tenaga, and many more.

We also provide the names of teams from these large companies along with their testimonials. This demonstrates Abhitech’s extensive experience in processing visas for both large corporations and startups.

You can read on New EOR Formalities Service Abhitech here.

We will also not hesitate to provide references or examples of cases they have completed. If information about the company’s reputation is difficult to find or We are reluctant to provide details about previous experience, this could be an indication that they do not have good work experience or results.

Do in-depth research and read reviews from previous clients to ensure you choose the right partner.


5. Lack of Communication and Regular Updates

Good communication between you and your visa agent is very important during the visa process. Professional visa agents will always provide regular updates regarding the status of your visa processing, including if there are any problems or additional documents required.

They should also be easy to contact and responsive to your questions or concerns. If you have difficulty getting information regarding the status of your visa processing or the agency rarely provides updates, this could be a sign that they are not managing your visa processing well.

Make sure you choose a visa agent who is communicative and always ready to provide the latest information regarding your visa process.

Abhitech has earned the trust of over 30 years from numerous companies for managing EOR formalities, thanks to our comprehensive services and our commitment to maintaining clear communication with clients.


Conclusion to choose Visa Agents

To avoid problems with visa agents in Indonesia and ensure your visa processing process runs smoothly, choosing the right partner is very important.

Abhitech, with over 30 years of experience in helping companies handle EOR formalities, offers trusted and efficient solutions. We not only provide adequate services but also ensure good communication with our clients. 

With a professional and experienced team, Abhitech is ready to help you in processing your work visa, investment, or other types of visas transparently and efficiently. 

Don’t let an incompetent visa agent hinder your visa processing process. Entrust your visa needs and EOR formalities to Abhitech, and enjoy a smooth and stress-free process.

Visit us now for more information and start your visa processing experience with the right partner here.

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