KITAP Indonesia: How To Obtain Residence Permit in Indonesia

If you’re considering a permanent stay in Indonesia, we highly recommend the Permanent Stay Permit, known as KITAP.

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KITAP Visa stands out as the top choice for foreigners aiming to reside and work in Indonesia. This visa ensures your legal rights to work and earn a living for up to 5 years, with no entry or exit restrictions.

The KITAP Visa is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and hassle-free visa option available. It will ultimately save you considerable time, money, and stress, making it the top choice for expatriates living in Indonesia.

However, due to its comprehensive nature, obtaining the KITAP Visa can be challenging. 

In this article, we will clarify the various methods for obtaining one and provide valuable tips to help you spend more time enjoying your pursuits and less time worrying about your visa.


What is KITAP?

A KITAP, or Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap, is a permanent residence permit in Indonesia that, while challenging to obtain, offers substantial advantages to foreigners seeking to establish their lives in the country.

Unlike KITAS, a yearly permit, KITAP eliminates the need for annual visits to immigration offices and the extensive paperwork.

To be eligible for a KITAP, one must have first obtained a KITAS (limited stay permit) and renewed it multiple times. 

KITAP, unlike other Indonesian stay permits, is valid for five years, with a two-year entry and exit permit (MERP) validity period. After five years, if the expatriate’s status remains unchanged, the visa is automatically extended, and a new card must be applied for.

However, if a foreigner does not enter Indonesia within one year, the KITAP becomes invalid. In such cases, applying for a new card is the only requirement.


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Who is eligible for a KITAP?

According to Article 126 of RMLHR 29/2021, KITAP can be obtained through status transfer by:

  • Foreigners holding KITAS for various purposes, such as clergy, workers, investors, or the elderly.
  • Families resulting from mixed marriages, including spouses and children of KITAP holders.
  • Foreigners who were previously Indonesian citizens or children with dual citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia.

Additionally, KITAP may be granted immediately, without the need for a status transfer, to the following individuals or organizations:

  • Children born in Indonesia to foreign parents holding KITAP.
  • Children born in Indonesia to foreign parents without KITAP.
  • Indonesian nationals who lost their Indonesian citizenship within Indonesian territory and acquired foreign citizenship.


Types of KITAP Indonesia (Permanent Stay Permit)

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The requirements and conditions for obtaining a KITAP may vary based on your eligibility. Here are a few examples:

KITAP for Expatriates Married to Indonesians

Foreigners who are legally married to Indonesians can convert their KITAS into a KITAP after two years of marriage. Your Indonesian spouse will act as the sponsor for your KITAP.

It’s important to note that you must have held a KITAS previously to be eligible for a KITAP. Marriage alone automatically qualifies you.

After obtaining the KITAP twice, a foreigner becomes eligible to apply for Indonesian citizenship through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.


KITAP for Foreign Investors, Directors, and Commissioners Employed by Indonesian Companies

Foreign individuals holding positions as investors, directors, or commissioners in an Indonesian company can apply for a KITAP after continuously working in the same position within the same Indonesian company for 5 consecutive years.


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KITAP for Retirees

Many people dream of retiring in Indonesia, and the good news is that it’s quite attainable. The primary requirement for retirees is age – if you’re 55 or older, you can apply for a KITAS. After holding a retirement KITAS for four consecutive years, you can take the next step and apply for a KITAP.


Requirements for Obtaining a KITAP (Residence Permit Indonesia)

Additionally, if you wish to obtain a KITAP, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Hold a KITAS (limited stay permit) that has been extended multiple times (totaling 6 years).
  2. You must have a sponsor. If you are married to an Indonesian citizen, your spouse can act as your sponsor.
  3. You should have worked continuously with the same Indonesian company in the same position for 5 consecutive years.
  4. For retirees, there should be no intention to work in Indonesia.


Documents Required for KITAP Indonesia Application

Alongside the necessary requirements, specific documents are essential for your KITAP application, which include:

  • An active passport with a validity of at least 18 months.
  • Your KITAS.
  • A sponsorship letter.
  • The Indonesian ID (KTP) of your sponsor.
  • A Tax Obligation Main Number (NPWP).
  • A statement letter confirming that you have no intention to work in Indonesia (required for retirees).
  • If you are a foreign investor, you will also need a work permit (IMTA) and the legal documents of the sponsoring company.

The application process typically takes approximately 3 months.


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Can KITAP Holders Work in Indonesia?

Only those married to an Indonesian have the right to work in Indonesia once they have attained their KITAP in order to provide for their family.

Restrictions apply, and there are, basically, two options.

First, you can work for a company if the company obtains the work permit for you (RPTKA) — this is a lot cheaper for the company than also having to pay for the KITAP and so, there is more chance of getting a job.

Secondly, they can choose to start a business as a sole entrepreneur, meaning you cannot hire anyone, but you will be avoiding the hassle of getting work permits and such.


How to Apply for a KITAP Indonesia?

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While the application requirements may vary, having a sponsor is mandatory for all KITAP applicants. The sponsor can be an Indonesian spouse, a PT PMA company, or an authorized agent.

To apply for a KITAP, retirees and foreign investors need to provide the same set of documents for their applications, including:

  • A valid passport.
  • KITAS.
  • A sponsorship letter.
  • Indonesian ID (KTP) of the sponsor.
  • Tax Obligation Main Number (NPWP).
  • Foreign investors must also include their work permit (IMTA) from the Ministry of Manpower and the legal documents of the sponsoring company.


Advantages of Having a KITAP

The most significant advantage of having a KITAP is that you can stay in Indonesia without the need to renew your stay permit or visit the immigration department every year. 

Additionally, with a KITAP, you become eligible for:

  • An Indonesian ID valid for five years.
  • A local driver’s license (SIM) with a five-year validity.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Applying for a credit card or loan.
  • Enjoying local prices at tourist attractions.
  • Obtaining a MERP (Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit) valid for two years, allowing flexible entry and exit from the country.

If you are married to an Indonesian citizen, you can also have joint ownership of property, making your retirement even more comfortable.


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Key Takeaways Regarding KITAP in Indonesia

Securing residency status in Indonesia can be a complex and time-consuming procedure, often subject to regulatory adjustments.

To streamline the process, it’s advisable to engage the services of an agent, either personally or through your employer, to navigate the paperwork efficiently and avoid unnecessary complications.

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