Indonesian Investor Visa KITAS C313: Essential Documents


Entering the Indonesian market as a foreign investor is now easier with the Indonesian Investor Visa KITAS C313

‘Nice to be here in Indonesia.’ 

Some of the foreigners we helped with processing documents so they could successfully invest in Indonesia spoke like that.

Are you the next person?

By coming to this article I can ensure you want to invest in Indonesia and already understand KITAS C313.

Suppose you need help understanding investor visas in Indonesia. You can read the Abhitech article which explains all about the Indonesian KITAS investor visa.

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Introduction to Investor Visa Indonesia KITAS 313

Visa Indonesia for foreign

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia with a population of more than 270 million people

270 million people is not just a number but also a very large market, it is natural that many people want to live in Indonesia as an expat. Not only for tourism in Indonesia but also for work and making large investments.

Indonesia has very potential for investment The Indonesian economy possesses sound fundamentals of social stability, strong domestic demand for goods and services, steadily increasing foreign reserves (about $137.5 billion in June 2023), and stable prices with moderate-to-low inflation. 

Word bank says the employment rate in Indonesia reached its highest level in 2019, namely 67.5% of young people, which means they are still of productive age.

Additionally, currently, Indonesia occupies the position of the 16th largest economy in the world, with a GDP exceeding US$1 trillion.

Which continues to grow.

McKinsey & Company estimates that by 2030, Indonesia will rise to the position of the 7th largest economy globally. It should be noted that among Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia is the only member of the G20.

From an economic perspective, over the last two decades, Indonesia has enjoyed stable economic growth, with consistent annual growth above 5%.

Indeed, in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this country experienced a significant contraction of 2.07%, which was the first decline since the financial crisis that hit Asia in 1998 but Indonesia is slowly improving.

Indonesia’s conditions continue to improve, resulting in a lot of foreign investment in Indonesia.

I only have one message: to make the most of this opportunity, foreign investors need to ensure that they have the right legal status in Indonesia, and this is where KITAS C313 plays an important role. 

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that to invest capital you need a C313 or C314 KITAS Visa (this varies depending on the duration)

But Abhitech will explain the Indonesian Investor Visa KITAS in more detail for you.

Why Choose Investor Visa KITAS C313?

Visa document for foreign, Visa investment in Indonesia, visa investor Indonesia

Simply put, KITAS C313 is a specific visit visa for foreign investors. With KITAS C313 you get permission to stay in Indonesia for one year. Not just live, you can manage and monitor your investments.

With the KITAS investment visa, this makes it easier for you as an investor to interact directly with the market and residents.

Are you satisfied with that? I’ll add.

KITAS C313 for investment in Indonesia will provide relief in terms of administration and logistics for you to stay in Indonesia.

That’s why KITAS C313 not only facilitates living needs but also supports successful investment in Indonesia.

You can make it an ideal choice for investors who are serious about taking advantage of opportunities in one of Southeast Asia’s largest economies.

Many more about KITAS C313 here

Essential Documents For Indonesian Investor Visa KITAS C313 

According to the Ministry of Law and Defense, to be able to have a KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) C313 investor visa and enjoy investment opportunities in Indonesia, there are several things you must prepare.

This is an important first step for anyone who wants to stay temporarily in this country. The KITAS application process now requires a series of documents that must be prepared carefully to ensure a smooth application process. Here are the details of each required document:

New KITAS Requirements

  1. Complete Application Form: Prospective KITAS holders must fill out the application form (Perdim 24, 25, 26, 27) completely. This form is the basis of the entire application process and must be filled out with accurate information. More detail from 
  2. Application Letter: This letter should explain the purpose and reasons behind the KITAS application, providing clear context regarding the need to stay in Indonesia.
  3. Sponsor Letter: A letter from the sponsor supporting the KITAS application is required. The sponsor can be an individual or company in Indonesia who is responsible for the duration of the applicant’s stay.
  4. Letter of Guarantee from Guarantor: The guarantor must provide a letter of guarantee confirming their commitment to the KITAS applicant.
  5. Photocopy of Guarantor’s E-KTP: This document is required to verify the identity of the guarantor who is an Indonesian citizen.
  6. Passport and Photocopy of Photo/Biodata Page Passport, Visa, and Last Arrival Stamp: These documents are important to prove the applicant’s legality and identity.
  7. Power of Attorney: If required, the applicant must provide a power of attorney granting authority to other parties in the KITAS application process.
  8. Photocopy of Authorized E-KTP
  9. Date and Valid Entry Report to the Immigration Office: Applicants should check their arrival stamp to ensure that they report to the immigration office following the provisions.
  10. Domicile Letter from Local Authority
  11. Curriculum Vitae: The applicant’s CV provides an overview of their professional and educational background, which can be relevant depending on the type of KITAS applied for.
  12. Photocopy of Visa and Telex Visa: 
  13. Passport Size Photos 3×4 (2 sheets) and 2×3 (1 sheet) with Red Background: This photo is used as an identification document during your stay in Indonesia.

A few tips so that your Investor Visa KITAS C313 application is not rejected

Investor in Indonesia, Investor KITAS C313

Make sure the data is complete and valid

from Imigrasi Indonesia Many are sure to apply for a KITAS but forget to complete the valid documents. Of course, this will lead to the rejection of the application for a one-year investor visa stay.

Applicants need to check in detail before applying for KITAS C313 or C314. because this refusal can cause the process to take longer.

Choosing the Right Partner

In the intricate landscape of Indonesian immigration and work authorization, overstating the importance of choosing a reliable and trustworthy vendor cannot happen.

Navigating this process independently or with unverified agents can lead to pitfalls and unnecessary delays. It’s crucial to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous ‘calo’ or middlemen who promise shortcuts but often lead to more complications.

There’s a medium article that covers this quite well here

Conclusion for Indonesian Investor Visa

Important Points Regarding KITAS in Indonesia Securing Population Status in Indonesia

Managing the process of getting a work permit and visa in Indonesia can be a bit complicated. Especially if you are a foreigner who doesn’t understand the regulations and requirements in Indonesia.

So by using a visa agency for investors in Indonesia. You’ve saved a lot of time and energy.

Abhitech provides EOR services in Indonesia, helping you obtain your Indonesian Work Permit (RPTKA) and Work Visa (KITAS/ITAS). Our experienced team offers expert guidance and support throughout the process.

With our services, you can increase the chances of application success and avoid unnecessary complications.

Abhitech offers efficient visa and work permit services for individuals and companies in Indonesia.

So, if you want to set up your own company in Indonesia or get a work visa.

Don’t hesitate to contact Abhitech for expert guidance and support. Let’s Begin!

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