Indonesia KITAS: Application and Requirements in 2024

If you’re an expat looking to work here, understanding KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit Card) is key. 

In this guide, we’ll break down Indonesia’s scene and how to get your KITAS hassle-free for a smooth work experience.

Indonesia’s made up of over 17,000 islands, each with its own flavor. From Jakarta’s hustle to Bali’s calm, you’ll find a bit of everything. 

As an expat, getting used to this mix of traditions, languages, and customs is a must for a good time working here.

At the center of your work adventure in Indonesia is the KITAS. 

It’s not just some paperwork, it’s your ticket to many job possibilities. 

The KITAS shows you’re serious about being part of Indonesia’s growth.

Now, let’s dig into the details of KITAS. 

With Abhitech’s EOR service, we’ll make sure the process is easy. 

In the next chapters, we’ll cover the types of KITAS, what documents you need, how to apply, and even extending your stay.

Abhitech is here to make your move to Indonesia a breeze. While you focus on your job, we’ve got the visa stuff sorted.

Scroll down for a straightforward guide on working in Indonesia with Abhitech – where work meets culture, and opportunities are everywhere.


What is KITAS Indonesia?

KITAS, an acronym for Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara, translates to the Temporary Stay Permit Card. 

It’s a document issued by Indonesian immigration authorities that grants non-Indonesian citizens legal permission to stay in the country for a designated period. 

To secure KITAS/ITAS, individuals from abroad must provide sponsorship from either an Indonesian citizen or a company. 

In the past, the Indonesian government used to issue a physical card for ITAS, commonly referred to as KITAS. However, the current practice involves the issuance of a digital permit.


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Types of KITAS in Indonesia

There are various kinds of KITAS depending on the reason for your stay in Indonesia. The most common types of KITAS include:

  • Work Visa KITAS.
  • Family Visa KITAS.
  • Retirement Visa KITAS.
  • Student Visa KITAS.


1. Work Visa KITAS

The Work Visa KITAS is designated for foreign nationals seeking employment with an Indonesian company or organization. 

To obtain a Work KITAS, the employer must secure a work permit (IMTA) from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower on behalf of the employee.

 The duration of the KITAS aligns with the terms of the work contract. 

It’s crucial to note that having a KITAS does not automatically grant work authorization; a separate work permit (IMTA) is required before engaging in employment.


2. Investor Visa KITAS

The Investor Visa KITAS is designated for foreign individuals making investments in Indonesia. 

To secure this type of KITAS, individuals typically begin by obtaining investment approval and then proceed with the visa application process. 

The Investor KITAS reflects a commitment to contributing to Indonesia’s economic growth and allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of their business ventures in the country.


3. Family Visa KITAS

The Family Visa KITAS is specifically for dependent family members, including spouses and children under 18, of primary KITAS holders. 

If the primary KITAS holder has a Work KITAS, they can sponsor the KITAS application for their family. 

Additionally, this type of KITAS is extended to foreign spouses of Indonesian citizens. 

Holders of Family or Spouse KITAS are not permitted to work; employment requires sponsorship from an Indonesian company with a corresponding work permit (IMTA).


4. Retirement KITAS

The Retirement KITAS is tailored for foreign nationals aged 55 and above who wish to retire in Indonesia. 

Obtaining a Retirement KITAS necessitates demonstrating financial capability to sustain oneself during the stay without engaging in employment. 

However, eligibility for an Indonesian Retirement KITAS is subject to specific criteria.


5. Student Visa KITAS

The Student Visa KITAS caters to international students intending to pursue studies in Indonesian educational institutions. 

Valid for a year, this visa requires renewal throughout the study duration and does not permit the holder to engage in employment.


Source: Freepik


Documents Required for a KITAS in Indonesia

Now that we’ve introduced the characters and unveiled the various types of KITAS, let’s delve into the crucial documents required for our protagonists to embark on their KITAS journey. 

Each document plays a significant role in advancing the storyline, ensuring a smooth and successful application process.


General Requirements (Applicable to All KITAS Types):

  • Your valid passport and a colored copy of it.
  • Proof of financial solvency.
  • Two passport-size colored pictures.


Work KITAS Additional Documents:

  • A colored copy of your CV (resume) stamped by the company, with the director’s signature over the stamp.
  • A copy of the RPTKA (Expatriate Placement Plan).
  • Colored copies of your university certificate/s or the highest level of educational degree.
  • A certificate of work experience (minimum five years) related to the job.
  • Proof of an insurance policy issued by an Indonesian insurance company.
  • Company documents: NPWP tax identification number, Business license (SIUP), Capital Registration License (SPPMA) from the BKPM, etc.


Spouse/Family KITAS Additional Documents:

  • ID Card (KTP) and Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) of the Indonesian spouse.
  • Birth certificate (Akta Lahir) of the Indonesian spouse.
  • Bank Statement of the Indonesian spouse.
  • Birth certificate/s for dependent children if applicable.


Retirement KITAS Additional Documents:

  • Statements from Pension Fund or bank statements, demonstrating financial solvency.
  • Proof of living accommodation in Indonesia.
  • A statement of intent to hire an Indonesian domestic worker or driver.
  • A statement of non-intent to work while in Indonesia.


Student KITAS Additional Documents:

  • Copy of the Letter of Acceptance from the educational institution.
  • Your academic reports.
  • Proof of financial responsibility from parents, legal guardians, or a sponsor during your studies.
  • Any other documents as requested by the Immigration Department.


Kindly be aware that this list may not cover all necessary documents, as the requirements can differ based on your personal situation and the preferences of Immigration officers. This list is provided as a basic guide only.


How to Apply for a KITAS?

Let’s go through the simple steps to get your KITAS, just like our characters in this story. It’s a bit like a quest – full of ups and downs, but with a happy ending!


1. Pick Your KITAS Type: Figure out which type of KITAS you need. Is it for work, study, family, retirement, or maybe investment? Knowing this sets the stage for your adventure.

2. Get Your Papers Ready: Collect all the papers we talked about earlier. Each paper tells a bit of your story and helps make your residency dream in Indonesia come true.

3. Talk to Your Boss or School: If it’s for work or study, chat with your boss or school. For work, make sure your boss gets you a work permit (IMTA) from the Ministry of Manpower.

4. Go to the Immigration Office:

Take your papers to the local Immigration office. This is where the real quest begins. It’s like stepping into the official adventure zone.

5. Wait for the Magic: Wait patiently while the Immigration officers check your papers. It’s a bit like waiting for a magic spell – you’re excited to see what happens next.

6. Smile for the Camera: If your papers pass the test, they might ask for your photo and some other details. Say cheese! It’s like adding your own special touch to the story.

7. Check for More Stuff:

Keep an eye out for any more requests or things they might need. Every good adventure has a twist, right?

8. Yay, You’re Approved:

Celebrate when they say, “Yes, you’re approved!” Getting your KITAS is like finding the treasure at the end of the quest.

9. Keep It Going:

If your adventure is longer, like a sequel, you might need to renew or extend your KITAS. Each time, it’s a new chapter in your Indonesian story.


How to Apply for KITAS Online

Discover the ease and efficiency of applying for KITAS online, blending tradition with innovation.


1. Visit the Immigration Website:

Instead of traditional visits, step into the digital realm by heading to the official website of the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration. It’s like entering a virtual portal for your residency adventure.


2. Choose “Temporary Stay Permit”:

Navigate through the website and select the option “Temporary Stay Permit.” This digital signpost guides you along the online path for your KITAS application.


3. Follow the Digital Trail:

Follow the on-screen instructions, much like following a treasure map, as you input your details and embark on the online application journey. Your VITAS Authorization Number is your key to this digital realm.


4. Submit Your Online Application:

Once you’ve completed the virtual paperwork, hit the submit button. It’s like sending a message to the guardians of your residency quest, signaling that you’re ready for the next steps.


5. In-Person Visit for Fee Payment and ITAS Stamp:

Even in the digital era, there’s a touch of tradition. Visit the Immigration Offices in person to make the fee payment and receive the ITAS Stamp on your passport. It’s the meeting point of the digital and physical worlds.


6. Secure the Police Report Letter (STM):

In the next chapter of your online KITAS adventure, obtain the Police Report Letter (STM) from the local police department. It’s like gathering an essential clue in your digital journey.


7. Register with the Local Municipality:

Continue your online quest by registering with the local municipality’s population office. This step unlocks more features in your digital residency toolkit.


8 Receive the Certificate of Registration:

The digital adventure reaches its peak as you receive your Certificate of Registration for Temporary Resident (SKPPS). It’s like unlocking the final level in your digital KITAS quest.


KITAS Application Processing Time

Waiting for your KITAS can feel like waiting for a story to unfold. Here’s a simple breakdown:


Different Times for Different KITAS:

  • If you’re applying for a Work KITAS, get ready for a bit of a wait. There’s more paperwork, like getting a work permit, so it takes around six to ten weeks.
  • A KITAS sponsored by a spouse is quicker – usually just a month.
  • Retirement KITAS? That’s faster, around 10 business days from when you submit everything.


The Whole Journey Takes Time:

While the actual KITAS application isn’t too long, getting the whole thing can take a few weeks. 

It depends on what type of KITAS you want. 


But here’s the catch – sometimes, it might take even longer, stretching into several months. 

Why? Well, different reasons can slow things down.


How to Extend Indonesia KITAS?

Extending your KITAS is possible by visiting the Immigration offices before it expires. 

Essential documents, such as a completed renewal application, sponsor letter, valid passport, and other specifics based on your immigration status, need to be presented. 

A renewal fee is also required. 

After renewing continuously for 2-4 years, you qualify for a permanent residence permit known as KITAP. 

KITAS issued for three months, specifically for temporary work, usually cannot be renewed.



In wrapping up our tale of KITAS in Indonesia, it’s evident that this document goes beyond a mere residency permit. 

It serves as a gateway to a plethora of opportunities for those desiring to work, contribute, and immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Indonesian life.


Unlocking Opportunities:

Indonesian KITAS holders find themselves not only authorized residents but contributors to the diverse professional and cultural landscape. 

This document unlocks doors to employment, community engagement, and a profound cultural exchange.


Connecting with Abhitech’s EOR Services:

In this journey, for those seeking seamless integration into the Indonesian work environment, Abhitech stands as a guiding force. 

Abhitech’s EOR (Employer of Record) services offer invaluable support for expats, ensuring a smooth transition and taking care of the intricate details involved in visa processes.

As the story of your Indonesian adventure unfolds, consider Abhitech as your ally, navigating the complexities of work permits and facilitating your journey towards a rewarding and enriching experience in Indonesia. 

The possibilities are limitless, and Abhitech is here to help you script the next chapter of your professional story in the archipelago.

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