Family Visa in Indonesia for Spouses with KITAS C317

 A family visa is one of the most important documents for foreigners visiting Indonesia, especially for those who work here. However, the immigration process in Indonesia is sometimes confusing, a little complicated, and unclear for some people.

However, you can certainly overcome this problem and get a family visa for your partner and children in Indonesia. You can work with Abhitech who already understands the visa process in Indonesia or read several reference sources that we will provide below.


What is a Family Visa?

According to the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in IndonesiaForeigners in mixed marriages or family, reunification can apply for a KITAS Stay Visa Index C 317. This means if you want to bring your partner to Indonesia then you can apply for KITAS, an acronym for Temporary Stay Permit Card, which translates to the Temporary Stay Permit Card.

Abhitech has discussed more about what KITAS is in Indonesia here

In another article The Ministry of Foreign Affairs You could say it is included in the limited work visa which is given the KITAS index C317.

Below Abhitech will discuss this family visa for spouses and children as KITAS index C317.

How to reunied family if work in Indonesia with Family visa and spouse visa

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Benefits of holding a Family Visa in Indonesia

If you already hold a KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) in Indonesia, of course, you have received many benefits as a foreigner working in Indonesia.

Abhitech has discussed the KITAS C312 work visa here.

So what does your partner get if they hold KITAS C317?

1. Legally valid right to stay and enter and exit the territory of Indonesia

If you look at the Indonesian Immigration website here Some people ask: Can foreigners who have a limited stay permit enter and exit Indonesian territory freely?

Yes, a limited stay permit owned by a foreigner is included with a re-entry permit which is useful for permits to enter and exit Indonesian territory within a period of time according to the validity period of the limited stay permit.

Your spouse and children who have a C317 family KITAS will have legal residence rights in Indonesia. This provides comfort and security for your family to enjoy life in Indonesia, with all its rich local culture and natural beauty.

2. Access to Health and Education Services

With the C317 family KITAS, your family will get easier access to health services and educational institutions in Indonesia. This ensures that your family can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling standard of living, with quality education for your children.

3. Indonesian Driving License (SIM)

Based on the Republic of Indonesia State Police Regulation Number 5 of 2021 concerning the Issuance and Marking of a Driving License means that KITAS is one of the requirements for having an international driving license.

The C317 family KITAS also allows your partner to obtain an Indonesian Driving License (SIM), which makes mobility and access to various locations throughout the country easier.

4. Financial Ease

Of course, you already understand the convenience of using a local bank account for transactions. Financial Services Authority in Indonesia (OJK) In the OJK circular  OJK (S-246/S.01/2015) informs that foreign citizens can open accounts in Indonesia.

Currently, foreigners can keep no more than USD 50,000 in an Indonesian account. Apart from that, the requirements are quite easy.

  • An initial deposit of $2,000USD 
  • Passport

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) is an independent institution that has the functions, duties, and authority to regulate, supervise, examine, and investigate sources. Wikipedia

Spouses holding KITAS C317 can open a bank account in Indonesia, apply for a loan, and get a credit card. This provides flexibility and convenience in managing your family’s finances in Indonesia.

With all these benefits, the C317 family KITAS not only makes it easier for you to work and live in Indonesia but also allows your family to enjoy a quality life and build a bright future in Indonesia.

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Sponsors for Family Visa in Indonesia use KITAS C317 

According to the Boundless Website Visa sponsorship refers to the process by which a person or organization in the US agrees to support or sponsor a foreign citizen’s visa or green card application and provide the required documentation to the US government.

If changed to the Indonesian context, visa sponsorship in Indonesia refers to the process where a person or organization in Indonesia agrees to support a foreigner’s visa application and is willing to provide the necessary documentation to the government.

 The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs If you want to apply for KITAS C317 in Indonesia, the sponsor is a guarantor for foreign citizens who want to live in Indonesia. The following is a list of sponsors who can apply for KITAS C317:

Husband/Wife of Indonesian Citizens (WNI):

Foreign nationals who are married to Indonesian citizens and want to live in Indonesia can sponsor their Indonesian citizen spouse. This allows them to live together in Indonesia and enjoy their rights as a married couple.

Parents of Indonesian Citizens (WNI):

Children of Indonesian fathers or mothers who are married to foreign nationals and unmarried children under 18 years of age of foreign nationals who are married to Indonesian citizens can use Indonesian parents as sponsors.

Spouses Holding a Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS) or Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP):

For spouses of foreign nationals who follow a spouse holding an ITAS or ITAP, they can use the spouse as a sponsor to stay in Indonesia.

ITAS/ITAP Holder Parents:

Parents holding ITAS or ITAP can sponsor their unmarried children under 18. This sponsorship, essential for the visa application, ensures the foreign citizen has support while in Indonesia.

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What is required for a Family Visa in Indonesia?

In the same article, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also informs that each sponsor for the KITAS C317 Family Visa has different requirements depending on the status and relationship with the foreign national who will be sponsored.

The following are general requirements that must be met:

1. Indonesian Citizen Couples:

  • Letter of application and guarantee on stamp duty;
  • Photocopy of passport with a minimum validity period of 18 months;
  • Photocopy of savings book/proof of minimum living expenses of 1,500 USD;
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate.

2. Children of Indonesian Citizens and Foreign Parents:

  • Letter of application and guarantee on stamp duty;
  • Photocopy of passport with a minimum validity period of 18 months;
  • Photocopy of savings book/proof of minimum living expenses of 1,500 USD;
  • Photocopy of the family card, parents’ marriage certificate, birth certificate and Indonesian citizen’s ID card.

3. Spouses of ITAS/ITAP Holders:

  • Letter of application and guarantee on stamp duty;
  • Photocopy of passport with a minimum validity period of 18 months;
  • Photocopy of savings book/proof of minimum living expenses of 1,500 USD;
  • Photocopy of husband/wife’s marriage certificate and ITAS/ITAP.

4. Children of Foreigners Holding ITAS/ITAP:

  • Letter of application and guarantee on stamp duty;
  • Photocopy of passport with a minimum validity period of 18 months;
  • Photocopy of savings book/proof of minimum living expenses of 1,500 USD;
  • Photocopy of family card, parents’ marriage certificate, birth certificate, and parents’ ITAS/ITAP.

By understanding who can become a sponsor and what requirements are required, your Family Visa KITAS C317 application process can run more smoothly. Abhitech is ready to help you in every step of applying for KITAS C317, ensuring that you can fulfill all the requirements and get your family visa easily and quickly.


How long is a Family Visa valid in Indonesia?

The duration of a partner visa in Indonesia depends on the type of visa you apply for. There are two main types of partner visas in Indonesia:

  • Family Unification Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAP): This renewable visa is valid for one year. It can add up to five years.
  • Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP): This permanent visa lasts five years. It can be extended indefinitely.

We have explained the differences between KITAP and KITAS here

Obtain Your Family Visa KITAS C317 Easily with Abhitech

Working in Indonesia with your partner requires specific visas. We understand that this process can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing.

To avoid this, you can save time for KITAS C317 by collaborating with Abhitech. We will ensure a smooth partner visa application process. Fill in the form below for further information regarding applying for a partner visa in Indonesia here

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