7 Visa Agents in Indonesia for Foreign Investors. Simplify your visa application process

Looking for the best Visa Agents in Indonesia? You’re in the right place. This guide will introduce you to the top visa agencies that simplify the visa application process for foreigners.

Get started on your investment journey in Indonesia today.


Foreign Investor says to me “I know Indonesia is very suitable for investment.” 

Looks like you, another foreign saw the big potential in the Indonesian market.

I can say, that Indonesia continuously developing its economy, with a large population, natural resources, and of course humans.

That’s why Indonesia is indeed an attractive destination for investment. 

And we love foreign. Indonesia loves investors. Yes, Indonesian loves you.

But, there are big challenges that you have to face: the processes and regulations. 

Starting an investment in this country can seem a bit complicated, especially since many foreign investors are not familiar with the system in Indonesia.

Many more about Indonesia KITAS

But, you can calm down a little. The Indonesian government is aware of this and provides solutions specifically designed to make things easier for foreign investors.

One of them is KITAS C313, this is a visa specifically designated for those of you who want to invest capital in Indonesia, as I say ‘Indonesia loves investors, we love you’

With the KITAS C313 investor visa, you don’t just get a residence permit. You can open many doors to your opportunities. This is your gateway to investment in a country as big as Indonesia and taking advantage of business opportunities in Indonesia

We have written some of the benefits of KITAS C313, as a foreign investor will get privileges, from a faster licensing process to all the needs to support your business operations.

This is a form of the Indonesian government’s commitment to supporting foreign investment and ensuring your comfort as an investor. If you still want to learn about one of the Indonesian investor visas, namely KITAS C313, you can read it here

There I have explained every step, and the need to take care of KITAS C313 so you can try investing for 1 year.

The importance of having a reliable visa agent in Indonesia

We have met many potential investors to enter Indonesia. Not all but many of them are very busy.

Many of them have read about government regulations but are still confused about KITAS C313. Are you on the first or second side? Or maybe you have other concerns? Please consult with us.

Whatever your reason, it must be related to the reason you are reading this article.

One advantage for you.

You don’t have to take care of the Indonesian KITAS C313 investor visa alone anymore.

You can work with a visa agent, let them help you and you can pursue other priorities or hobbies.

Unfortunately, many visa agents also understand your concerns. One message from me, you have to be careful when choosing a visa agent.

Choose an experienced and trusted visa agent, so that it not only makes the process of processing your KITAS investment visa easier but can also help with other important matters for your business.

Have you made a big effort to invest and failed just because you chose the wrong agent? A nightmare you must avoid

So, here are 7 Recommended visa agents in Indonesia for investors.

  1. Abhitech

    Abhitech website, Abhitech Service, Abhitech Investor visa, Abhitech Work visa

    Source image: Abhitech

    Abhitech provides visa processing services for Investor Visa, Work Visa, and Family Visa in Indonesia. Recommended If you want to work here with your family

    The advantage of Abhitech is that their services are quite extensive because they can help with 

    1. Work Visa (KITAS 312), Investor Visa 1 Year (KITAS C313), Investor Visa 2 Years (KITAS C314), and Family Visa (KITAS C317)
    2. Employer of Record
    3. Manpower Outsourcing
    4. Recruitment Service
    5. Payroll Service

    Abhitech is not only like many visa agents in Indonesia Abhitech gives many services. You can visit the Abhitech website to read more about all its services.

    People who have worked with Abhitech are always amazed by their speed, thoroughness, and networking.Yes, everything you need.

    Headquartered on: Jl. North Sunter Lake Block O2 No. 1 Sunter Jaya – Jakarta 14350.

    Website: Abhitech

  2. Bali visa agency

    Source Image: Bali visa agency

    Bali Visa Agency is one of the visa agents in Indonesia that offers a variety of visa services, including tourist, business, socio-cultural, KITAS, and KITAP visas. They also provide company incorporation services and other legal services. Their advantages include in-depth local knowledge of Bali, tailored service, and an ethical approach to business. 

    Location: Bali, Indonesia

    Website: Bali visa agency


    Source Image: PNB IMMIGRATION Law Firm

    PNB IMMIGRATION Law Firm is the largest immigration law firm in Indonesia, with a team of more than 50 immigration consultants and lawyers. 

    They offer services covering all aspects of immigration, including KITAS and KITAP, as well as business visas. The firm is ISO 27001:2013 certified for secure data handling and implements international anti-bribery and anti-corruption standards.

    Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

    Website: PNB IMMIGRATION Law Firm

  4. invest in Asia


    Source image: invest in Asia

    Invest in Asia is a specialist in entering the Indonesian market offering services ranging from company establishment, KITAS visa processing, business licenses, to tax and law. They focus on providing clear and realistic insights to businesses looking to enter new markets. Their team consists of corporate secretarial, legal, tax, accounting, and human resources experts.

    Location: Indonesia

    Website: invest in Asia

  5. MPG Bali

    Source image: MPG Bali

    MPG Bali, operating under Mitra Achievement Gemilang (MPG). They provide all types of visas including retirement, social and cultural visas, KITAS (work permits), visas on arrival, business visas with multiple entries, and investor visas. MPG also functions as a business consultant, helping foreigners to start a business in Bali with step-by-step guidance.

    Location: Indonesia

    Website: MPG Bali

  6. Lets Move Indonesia

    Source image: Lets Move Indonesia

    Lets move Indonesia has many services like Abhitech but only specifically in Visa and market entry. 

    From Visa on Arrival which requires additional time, to special KITAS for investors, workers, and families, Lets Move Indonesia is ready to help you. 

    Location: Indonesia

    Website: Lets Move Indonesia

  7. Seven Stones Indonesia

    Source image: Seven Stones Indonesia

    Seven Stones Indonesia provides comprehensive services that include visa and immigration processing, company establishment, legal retainer services, and building permits.

    With an approach that focuses on smart and collaborative solutions, Seven Stones Indonesia aims to help clients become more effective, efficient, and successful. They offer value-driven services to help clients navigate the immigration process with confidence, and establish and grow their businesses in Indonesia.

    Location: Indonesia

    Website: Seven Stones Indonesia

Conclusion to choose Visa Agents in Indonesia

Finding a reliable Visa Agent in Indonesia is key to a hassle-free visa application experience

With today’s global business competition, speed and efficiency are things that must be prioritized. Of course, you don’t want your big dreams to be hindered by visa processing and other administrative matters.

Many investors have to work with many vendors for specific tasks, what if you just work with one vendor that provides many specific services?

Abhitech can offer integrated solutions that meet these needs.

  1. With lots of experience
  2. Extensive networking
  3. Also assisted by a portfolio of collaborations with large companies.

Abhitech has a lot of business for foreigners that can help your business in the long term. You could say that by collaborating with Abhitech you don’t need to look for another partner

Another one, Abhitech is not only in Bali Visa Agency or Visa Agent in Jakarta, Abhitech is an Indonesia visa Agency. Good for you?

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