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Unlock exciting professional opportunities in Indonesia with our streamlined Work Permit services.
Investor Visa - 1 Year (KITAS C313)
Invest in Indonesia and secure your residency with Investor KITAS. Valid for 1 year and can be extended 4 times for 1 year each time.
Investor Visa - 2 Years (KITAS C314)
Elevate your investment journey with Investor KITAS. Valid for 2 years and can be extended 3 times more for 1 year each time.
Work Visa (KITAS C312)
Seamlessly transition into the Indonesian workforce with KITAS Work Visa. Work visa is issued for 6 or 12 months with the possibility of extension.
Family Visa (KITAS C317)
Family KITAS and KITAS for children from mixed marriages can be initially valid for up to one year, with the option to extend. Meanwhile, the validity of KITAS for dependents aligns with the sponsor's KITAS duration.

Indonesia Work Permit Visa Application Process

Beware of Illegal Brokers ("Calo") When Handling Indonesia Visas!

Engaging with illegal brokers when handling Indonesia visas poses significant risks.

Such as legal consequences leading to fines, deportation, and visa revocation, and potential long-term consequences affecting credibility, reputation, and residency status.

It is crucial for expatriates to opt for legal visa services like Abhitech to ensure a secure, lawful, and smooth process in Indonesia.

Why choose Abhitech for Indonesia Formalities Service?

We operate within the legal framework, ensuring compliance with Indonesian immigration laws.

Engaging with illegal services poses significant legal risks for you and may lead to severe consequences, including deportation.
Our advantage lies in the presence of a legal office within Indonesia, ensuring the highest standards of compliance and reliability throughout your visa application journey.
As a reputable formalities visa agency, we offer reliable and trustworthy services with a proven track record of 30+ years experience.

Illegal services may lack reliability, leading to potential complications and uncertainties in the visa process.
We prioritize transparency and integrity, eliminating the risk of falling victim to scams or fraudulent activities.

Engaging with illegal entities increases the likelihood of scams, jeopardizing the expatriate's interests and finances.
We ensures a smooth and streamlined visa application process, minimizing delays and hassles.

Dealing with illegal channels may result in a chaotic and unpredictable process, leading to unnecessary stress and challenges.
We commit to protect sensitive data with our high security technology, strict processes, and international standard of ISO 9001 & ISO 27100.

Illegal services may compromise your personal data, leading to identity theft or misuse.
Choosing Abhitech helps you to avoid legal consequences associated with using unauthorized visa assistance.

Illegal assistance can result in serious legal repercussions, affecting your status and stay in Indonesia.
Abhitech provides expert guidance and support throughout the visa application, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Lack of expertise from illegal services may lead to errors, complicating the visa process and potentially causing denials.
We guarantee the legitimacy and validity of the visa obtained through our legal team.

Visas acquired through illegal means may be invalid, leading to unforeseen issues during your stay.

How to Secure Your Indonesia Visa?

1. Choose the visa type that suits your purpose.

2. Fill out our user-friendly online application form.

3. Submit the required documents.

4. Our expert team will handle the processing.

5. Receive your approved visa and start your journey to Indonesia.

At Abhitech, we simplify the visa process, ensuring a smooth entry into the vibrant culture of Indonesia. Begin your visa application now!

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