Arief Karnadi is the owner and founder of Abhitech Group. Karnadi have since successfully represented various intenational oil & gas companies in Indonesia, notably CNOOC and Transworld Exploration. Karnadi is a graduate of Lowell University, Massachusetts.

Tjong Arief Karnadi

Founder and Commissioner

Dennis started his career in IT and worked mostly in oil & gas industry. Progressively, Dennis’ technical role evolves into a managerial business role with several successful positions at international service companies. Having known both worlds, he is now on a mission to bring Abhitech’s HR Management Services into the Cloud.

Dennis Karnadi

Managing Director

Cherry Karnadi is a professional with experience gained across industry sectors coming from the fast-moving retail world before finally settling in the service industry. Cherry’s work and life experiences bring out dynamics across the entire team at Abhitech with positive energy, building strong foundations and leadership to the entire operations team.

Cherry Karnadi

Head of Operations

Brenda started her career in strategic consulting with widespread knowledge across various industry sectors. Her background and experiences in commercial law, financial accounting, corporate finance, and strategic management allow her to scale and drive Abhitech Group into optimized performances whilst maintaining good governance.

Brenda Karnadi

Head of Finance

Agus is an experienced HR and Legal Professional with over 15 years’ experience in this field. He holds professional certificates including CPHRM, HRBP, HRMP, CHRM by BNSP and Advocate License by PERADI. With a personal motto “optimize potential to achieve performance”, he has been trusted to advice and manage on HR, legal and industrial matters for Abhitech Group’s projects and clients to ensure compliance and performance at the utmost level.

Agus Heryanto

Head of HR and Legal

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