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When Will You Need Work Visa & Work Permit in Indonesia?

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Work Permit / KITAS / KITAP

Work Permit
Work permit is known as RPTKA, it allows you to work legally in Indonesia for a certain period. There 3 types of work permit; Urgent or Emergency Work Permit, valid for 1 month; Temporary Work Permit, valid for 1-3 months; Long-Term Work Permit, valid up to 12 months.
KITAS, or temporary stay permit, is the only visa category that allows you to engage in income-generating activities. The KITAS is valid for 1 year and can be extended based on the purpose of stay.
KITAP, or permanent stay permit, becomes attainable once foreigners renew their KITAS four times with the same sponsor. Each KITAP remains valid for a duration of 5 years.
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RPTKA / Foreign Manpower Utilization Plan
a document required by the Indonesian government for companies or organizations intending to employ foreign workers in Indonesia.
IMTA / Work Permit for Foreign Workers
official permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia that authorizes a company or organization to employ foreign workers in Indonesia.
Visa Recommendation to be stamped at Embassy RI/Consulate General RI as proof of visa approval and indicates that the foreign worker is allowed to enter and work in Indonesia
KITAS / Limited Stay Permit Card
official document that grants temporary residency to foreign nationals who intend to stay in Indonesia for an extended period
STM / Certificate of Reporting
a document issued by the Indonesian police to Indonesian citizens who are traveling outside their city or abroad for a certain period of time.
SKTT / Certificate of Domicile
an official document issued by the local government or village office in Indonesia that certifies the residential address of an individual.

Indonesia Work Permit Visa Application Process

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