Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

What Is Trade Expo Indonesia 2023?

Trade Expo Indonesia Hybrid Edition is an international B2B-focused tradeshow aimed to boost export product growth and export market expansion.

The 38th edition in 2023 is themed “Sustainable Trade for Global Economic Resilience” and will showcase quality Indonesian products both offline and online.

It’s a platform to expand businesses, make investments, and show off Indonesia’s best products.

🗓️ 18-22 Oct 2023 ICE BSD City

This event includes exhibitions, conferences, business matchmaking, forums, and expert advice.

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Discover Diverse Industries in Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

Food & Beverage
Home Living
Digital & Services
Beauty & Personal Care
Chemical, Energy & Industrial Products
Medical Equipment & Healthcare
Fashion, Textile & Accessories

Explore Business Opportunities at Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

Business Matching
Connect with potential buyers and sellers seamlessly through our exclusive Business Matching program. Find the products you need, meet specific requirements, and seal win-win deals.
Business Counseling
Gain valuable market insights and expert guidance during Business Counseling Day. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced exporter, learn from the Indonesian Trade Attache and the Head of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC).
Informative Seminars
TEI 2023 dynamic seminars cover everything from export regulations to market trends. Join these sessions to connect with industry experts, expand your network, and elevate your export game.
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Why Attend Trade Expo Indonesia 2023?

Connect with potential clients, partners, and suppliers. Forge valuable relationships that could lead to lucrative collaborations.
Explore new horizons. Interact with a global audience and assess the viability of expanding into new regions.
Elevate your brand. Present your products or services to a diverse crowd, boosting visibility and sales.
Explore a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to agriculture, and discover what Indonesia has to offer.
Stay ahead of the curve. Gain valuable industry insights, understand market demands, and keep an eye on the competition.
Knowledge is power. Attend expert-led seminars and workshops to enrich your skill set.
Attract potential investors. If you're seeking funding, the expo is where you can meet investors interested in your industry.

What to do next: Navigating Business with Local Entities

Imagine you’re a foreign company exploring business opportunities in Indonesia. You’ve just secured a significant deal with a local business, and you’re on the cusp of a promising venture. However, you’ve recognized the need for a local presence to effectively manage your interests in the country.

This is where we come into play. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet your unique requirements, ensuring that you can operate seamlessly in Indonesia.

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Abhitech's Employer of Record Service

Visa and Work Permits
We facilitate the process of obtaining the necessary visas and work permits for your international team, ensuring compliance with Indonesian regulations.
Entity Establishment
Setting up a legal entity in Indonesia requires navigating a complex web of rules and regulations. Our experts provide invaluable guidance and support to establish your entity efficiently and within legal boundaries.
Hire in Indonesia without Entity as Employer on Record
Hire top talent in Indonesia without setting up subsidiaries. Through Abhitech’s employment solution, your team is employed by our local legal entities in Indonesia. We handle the entire local employment process, taking care of all the compliance, payroll and HR admin.
Local Workforce Recruitment
Finding the right talent is critical to the success of any business. We help you recruit local professionals who are essential to your operations in Indonesia.
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Benefits Using Abhitech Service

1. Remove Market Entry Barriers

Accelerate your business expansion to Indonesia


2. Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with local compliance and secure data privacy & intellectual property. We are standardized with ISO 9001 & ISO 27001.


3. A simplified way of working

Our ABI HRIS (cloud-based technology) allows you to enjoy a consolidated view of global operations at the touch of a button.
You can track and monitor all the administrations and data management in real-time. Employees also can access their own data, certifications, pay slips, leaves and other well being feature like mental health consultation.


4. Save Time

Focus on improving the product/service, building strategies, and fostering meaningful connections with clients or partners. Freeing up your time from keeping track of paperwork, administering benefits, running payroll, and terminating employee contracts.


5. Reduce Costs

No cost associated with opening an office abroad. From the expenses related to establishing a subsidiary, to hiring legal and financial assistants, building a team abroad from scratch ends up costing company an arm and a leg.


6. Comply with Local Laws & Mitigate Risks

Shift the burden of responsibility off the organization onto us. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the consequences of accidental tax documentation negligence or non-compliance with local labor laws.

Abhitech: Your Trusted Partner

Abhitech is an HR service provider in Indonesia, specializing in various aspects of workforce and business support. With 30+ years of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services to assist your business expansion and growth in Indonesia.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that Trade Expo Indonesia 2023 brings. Contact us at Abhitech to learn how we can be your extension in Indonesia, helping you navigate the complexities and thrive in the Indonesian market.

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Why choose Abhitech for Indonesia EOR?

Seamlessly, compliantly onboarding your organization and people to rapidly unlock your talent investment by reducing their time to value.
We arrange for your remote team to receive the most adequate benefits for healthcare, insurance, and social securities. Aside from that, we provide free training, digital onboarding, employee performance improvement programs, and customizable vacation and sick day policies.
Flexible HR solutions supporting you across the employee & ​global expansion lifecycle​.
Supported by ABI HRIS. Every important data input for payroll processing is 100% accurate and timely. In addition, any deductions based on government/industry policies such as BPJS and payroll tax (PPh 21) are calculated in stages with strict compliance.
Free from labor regulation, tax & payroll risk
We are ready if you need assistance & consultation on employment and legal management. If something urgent needs to do, our team is ready 24 hours.
Full handling of corporate finances, office expenses, and tax paperwork. We take the complexity away from local pay & benefits, ensuring your workforce are paid accurately on-time, every time. Refer to scope of work in agreement.
A centralized platform for tracking and managing talent, keeping track of team performance, payroll data management, pay slips, employee data storage and documentation.

Our HRIS platform's technology also allows you to easily integrate with the tools your in-house team uses.
We commit to protect sensitive data & your company’s working practices with our high security technology, strict processes, and international standard of ISO 9001 & ISO 27100.
30+ years operate in Indonesia, our expertise covers all aspects of local payroll, tax, labor market and regulations.
We know how to manage a team that matches your niche: tech team, sales-marketing team, engineering team, and many more.

Trusted market leaders in Indonesia HR Solutions.

Compliance with local labor laws and regulations
Client Satisfaction and Retention Rate
2 Weeks
Time-to-Hire and Onboarding Efficiency

Our Major Clients

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100% Compliance Guarantee
There is no risk of being subject to legal sanctions due to payroll processes and documents that do not comply with the latest government regulations.
0% Delays & Error
Done by an experienced payroll consultant and supported by HRIS ABI, the whole process is done automatically by the system so that it is guaranteed to be timely & accurate.

Ready to Expand Your Business to Indonesia?

Run your business in Indonesia with the best people without worrying about local compliance
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Customize Your EOR Payroll Needs!

    Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) adalah pameran dagang terbesar di Indonesia yang menghadirkan 7 sektor produk dan jasa premium dan akan dihadiri lebih dari 6000 Buyers dari 150 Negara.
    Trade Expo Indonesia 2023 akan diadakan dari tanggal 18 hingga 22 Oktober 2023, secara offline di Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Tangerang Selatan.

    Selain itu, pameran ini juga akan diselenggarakan secara online mulai tanggal 18 Oktober hingga 18 Desember 2023.
    Pameran offline Trade Expo Indonesia ke-38 akan digelar pada 18-22 Oktober 2023 di Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Tangerang, Banten.
    This means the you can employ your desired talent legally in Indonesia without having local legal entities.

    Abhitech is the employer on paper of your employee. We handle the employment legalities, run payroll, benefit administrations, and others
    Yes. We provide the PEO Service. We help managing HR functions, like payroll and benefits administration, in Indoneisa where you already own your own entity.
    Yes. Beside payroll, employment contracts, and other administrations, We can help you recruit your new employee. The decision is always yours.
    Yes. You also can choose and bring your talent to Indonesia without Abhitech Hiring Help.
    Abhitech can calculate Tax (PPh21) & BPJS automatically and always conform to government regulations
    The short answer is yes, but doing so either requires you to open your own legal entity in the country or employ the workers as contractors. Both strategies have their pros and cons.

    If you open your own legal entity, you will be responsible for managing your entire presence in the new country. That means hiring lawyers, payroll specialists, benefits administrators, and other professionals. Doing so may make sense if you plan to hire hundreds of people in a new country, but if you only plan to employ a handful (or even a few dozen), an EOR is more cost effective.

    Hiring workers as contractors requires you to be diligent. International contractor misclassification is a serious issue and can lead to hefty fines and penalties. Going through an EOR insulates your business from potential compliance risks by making workers fully fledged employees.
    An employer of record (EOR) can hire employees on your behalf in other countries, while a professional employer organization (PEO) may not. Some companies call themselves “international PEOs” and provide EOR services. Others using the term “international PEO” only provide services for companies that already own legal entities in other countries.

    Think of it this way: if you want to hire a person in a country where you do not own a legal entity, you need an EOR. If you want help managing HR functions, like payroll and benefits administration, in a country or region where you already own your own entity, you need a PEO. Basically, a PEO offers most of the same services as an EOR, but does not handle the legal employment of your employees in other countries.