Privacy Policy

Privacy, security and safety of your personal data and information is utmost important to us whether you are a client or employee. This is an integral part of our relationship for now and the future. Our privacy policy applies to all clients, employees and members/holders of ABI (Human Resource Service Platform) account of Abhitech Group (Abhitech) and its affiliations or subsidiaries. It is designed to allow a common understanding how we collect and deal with your personal information. It is a direct binding that any activities or any form of engagements with Abhitech, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information described in Abhitech’s privacy policy. Abhitech’s privacy policy will be updated as required and no prior notice will be given for any changes/additions. You may review our terms, conditions and policies at any time under

Throughout the period of our engagement/contract, it is necessary for Abhitech to collect personal information to conduct our regular activities. Abhitech will not use or disclose personal information for a purpose other than that for which it was collected and received, unless:

1. It is described further below or in a separate form or agreement or consent (in writing on paper or electronic form).

2. It is a purpose required by Law from any country in which the contract was signed/engaged.

Abhitech at its own discretion may share your personal information as necessary should we engage on the use of third party (vendors, contractors, etc) for our system applications and business processes. These third parties will be prohibited from using your personal (identifiable) information for any other purpose not engaged/agreed by Abhitech. Abhitech will not share any data or information to unknown/unrelated third party and purposes. Abhitech will disclose personal (identifiable) information as per the services we provide or as required by the governing law and regulation. It is necessary to protect our standing and rights or comply with any legal proceedings and processes including court orders.

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