General Usage Terms and Conditions (ABI)

ABI is a web-based or online Human Resource Services Platform (HRSP), which belongs to Abhitech Group of companies governed by local Indonesian Laws and Regulation. ABI offers web-based tools accessible by our Clients and Employees (both current and past). ABI shall be continuously improved and innovated along with the development of information technologies (IT). It is important to understand that by registering, using or logging-in to ABI, you have agreed to our terms and conditions stipulated below and our privacy policy.

Members of ABI are account holders with a username and password. You must endeavor and take responsibility of your own security and safety. This includes but not limited to choosing a strong and secure password, keeping your password confidential, transferring any part of your ABI account and sharing personal information. You are responsible for anything to do with your ABI account/membership unless you report any issues/misuse to us (Abhitech Group). Please report to for any issues/misuse or to disable your account should you no longer require ABI services

As members of ABI, you agree that we are allowed to provide messages and notices within the platform/application/service itself, email, SMS, phone, physical address and other mediums through the contact information provided by you. It is therefore important and mandatory that you keep your contact information up to date.

ABI services are made available online, meant to be accessible worldwide through the Internet. However we are not liable for any internet access restrictions imposed by various regions and countries internationally. We may change and decide to continue any service components within the ABI platform and not committed to store or keep your information and contents. ABI is not a storage service provider, as members/users of ABI you agree that we have no obligation to store, maintain and provide any data/content/information copies that you or others provide.

We may modify any terms, conditions and policies at any time without prior notice. You may review our terms, conditions and policies at any time under If you disagree to any changes that we have made, please notify us and we may disable your account. By continuing to use our services through ABI, you agreed to our current terms, conditions and policies including any associated changes, updates or amendments.

Disclaimer and limited liability

Abhitech Group (ABHITECH), its subsidiaries and affiliates disclaims all implied warranties and representations for ABI (systems and applications). ABHITECH provides no warranty for the fitness of any particular purpose, data completeness, data accuracy and non-infringement. ABHITECH does not guarantee that the services provide will function without errors, interruptions or restrictions. All services, contents and information provided by ABHITECH shall be made available “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” basis.

Abhitech Group (ABHITECH), its subsidiaries and affiliates shall not be liable to you (members) and others for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or corrective damages or any loss of data, opportunities, reputation, revenue, profit and other types of losses related/not related to the service provided through ABHITECH.

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