Payroll Service

Perbandingan waktu mengerjakan payroll manual, software payroll, dan payroll service untuk penggajian perusahaan

Advantages of Using Payroll Service

Payroll Service is only for HR Professionals who want to:

  • Save Time: accurate, compliant, and timely process will save you time from complex payroll calculation and checking.
  • More Time to develop and execute HR Strategy: Your HR team can focus on executing strategic HR activities with real impact on business growth
  • Increase Flexibility: Flexible payroll process to meet changing business conditions, demand for products and services and technologies
  • Cost-effective: Doing payroll calculations for 10 – 1.000 employees many times has a high risk of error that makes cost increase. With Abi Payroll those extra cost will be gone


Payroll Outsourcing Features:

1. Customization

Customizable payroll component for every type of contract, fixed and non-fixed benefits, bonuses, taxes, BPJS and other components. Our consultants will customize it for you.

2. Data Records

Employee attendance data synchronizes with the Payroll Process. Abhitech also provide payroll record maintenance, reporting and management.

3. Payroll

Payroll payment with accuracy, on-time, and on-track guarantee

4. Compliance

Highly compliance with the latest national & local regulation

5. Relax

Our HR consultant will carry out the entire payroll process. If needed, you can also do things on Abi Payroll platform according to your needs.

Payroll Service Process Flow:

* Before the process begins, Abhitech’s team adjusts the data-update input process based on best HR practices, ISO 9001 standards and each client’s business model

**Salary slips and other documents can be accessed by every employee on the E-Portal or registered email

Reasons to Cooperate with Abhitech

1. Expert and experienced consultant in Payroll Best Practice

Abhitech’s work process experience for >30 years in payroll and quality consultants who work on payroll processes for multinational companies in Indonesia (Our Client Highlights)

2. Supported by HR System (Abi-Payroll)

Routine process:

  • Time and Attendance are important input data for payroll processing.
  • Every deduction based on government/industry policies such as BPJS and payroll tax (PPh 21) is calculated in stages with strict compliance.

Salary Payment Process:

  • Salary transfers can be managed by Abhitech under certain arrangements. Otherwise, the processed payroll data output can be provided for independent transfer.
  • Pay slips will be generated automatically and sent to each employee’s email address or via an online self-service portal.


  • With ISO 9001 standards and strict processes, we make sure your data is safe.
  • You can customize who (employees or internal departments) has access to view the details of each employee’s salary.

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