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HR solutions catered to your business needs. Be prepared for access to workforce visibility through our data analytical reporting, time-saving technology, highest level of compliance and first-class service delivery – complete with our dedicated support team.

ABI Payroll

No more time wasted on complicated payroll calculations

With us, payroll is not only accurate and incompliance but will always be on time and on track. Worry-free payroll processes allowing you to focus on core business strategies.

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ABI People

No more extensive work on administrative HR tasks

With us, you are one click away from all your organized HR data such as employee attendance, leave management, employee data record, and people analytics. Higher automation saves time and money. Allowing you to focus on HR data and visual insights for better optimization of your workforce strategy.

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ABI Recruit

No more long talent acquisition processes

Hiring in less time means greater cost-per-hire savings. Allowing you to focus on developing your new talent.

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HR Outsourcing

Less risk means more opportunities to scale

Leave your HR and manpower processes to the proven experts. Reduce risks of errors, and save time, resources, and money. Allowing you to focus on achieving your business expansion plans!

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IT Services

More control on your business data also means more control on business growth and scalability

Providing your business with real-time data and better analysis for greater innovation whilst saving costs and storage. Allowing you to focus on innovating your business!

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Partners to Create HR for Business Impact

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HR For Business Impact

We believe by taking care of your HR administration and processes, enables you to focus on core business strategies and activities to achieve growth.

That’s why our aim is simple; to support more #HRforBusinessImpact in Indonesia.

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