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Employer of Record (EoR) Payroll Detail Service

Registration to all Mandatory Tax & Social Securities (BPJS)
Social security such as BPJS Ketenagakerjaan is mandatory for all companies. We will register BPJS and tax for each of the employees.
Monthly Payroll
Payroll Calculation, Adjustment & Processing including request & receipt of funds, employee & local authority payments, reimbursement, & end of year statutory reporting.
Employee Income Tax Calculation, Withholding & Reporting
Within minutes, tax (PPh 21) dan BPJS will be calculated by our team, supported by our payroll system. Salary slip & other reports ready to download in our HRIS ABI or send to your email.
Flexible Salary Components
We manage your employee salary components. We are accustom to handle limitless number of salary components.
Pre-onboarding, Onboarding & Offboarding Processes for New Employees
Background Screening, Education and Employment Verification, New Hire Paperwork, Employment contract, Past or pending employment litigation. Supported by HRIS ABI for accelerate, track & store the paperwork.
Work Permit & Visa for Expatriates / International Employees
We manage your employees work permit application, local sponsorship, RPTKA Approval, KITAS & KITAP, Spouse Visa, Dependent Visa, Investor Visa, Retirement Visa.

Benefits Using EOR Payroll Abhitech Service

Remove Market Entry Barriers
Accelerate your business expansion to Indonesia
Peace of Mind
Enjoy peace of mind with local compliance and secure data privacy & intellectual property. We are standardized with ISO 9001 & ISO 27001.
A simplified way of working
Our ABI HRIS (cloud-based technology) allows you to enjoy a consolidated view of global payroll operations at the touch of a button.

You can track and monitor all the payroll, administrations and data management in real-time. Employees also can access their own data, certifications, pay slips, leaves and other well being feature like mental health consultation.
Save Time
Focus on improving the product/service, building strategies, and fostering meaningful connections with clients or partners. Freeing up your time from keeping track of paperwork, administering benefits, running payroll, and terminating employee contracts.
Reduce Costs
No cost associated with opening an office abroad. From the expenses related to establishing a subsidiary, to hiring legal and financial assistants, building a team abroad from scratch ends up costing company an arm and a leg.
Comply with Local Laws & Mitigate Risks
Shift the burden of responsibility off the organization onto us. Thus, you don't have to worry about the consequences of accidental tax documentation negligence or non-compliance with local labor laws.
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Highlighted EoR Business Portfolio (Russian Company)

Client Background:

Openway is a renowned market leader in providing payment solutions for banks, processors, telcos, and petrol companies. With a strong presence in the industry, Openway had a team of 50 Russian employees who needed to be relocated to Indonesia for a new business expansion.


Client’s Needs:

As Openway embarked on their expansion plans, they faced several challenges related to workforce management and compliance in Indonesia. They required a comprehensive solution that encompassed Employer of Record (EOR) services, headhunting, and outsourcing to ensure a smooth transition for their employees.


Services Provided by Abhitech:

Abhitech, a trusted provider of HR solutions, offered a range of services tailored to meet Openway’s specific needs. Here are the services provided:

  1. Work Permit and Stay Permit Assistance: Abhitech facilitated the process of obtaining work permits and stay permits for Openway’s Russian employees. They ensured that all necessary documentation and requirements were met, guiding the employees through the application process and liaising with the relevant authorities.
  2. Employer of Record (EOR) Services: Abhitech acted as the Employer of Record for Openway’s employees in Indonesia. This allowed Openway to focus on their core business activities while Abhitech took care of legal and administrative responsibilities, including payroll management, tax compliance, benefits administration, and employment contracts.
  3. Headhunting: Understanding the criticality of hiring the right talent, Abhitech conducted headhunting activities on behalf of Openway. They utilized their extensive network and industry expertise to identify and recruit skilled professionals who aligned with Openway’s requirements.
  4. Outsourcing: Abhitech provided outsourcing services to support Openway’s operations in Indonesia. This involved managing non-core functions, such as recruitment process outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, and HR administration, enabling Openway to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.


Results and Benefits:

By leveraging Abhitech’s EOR service, Openway achieved several significant outcomes:

  1. Smooth Employee Relocation: The employees were successfully relocated to Indonesia, and the necessary work permits and stay permits were obtained without delays or complications.
  2. Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Abhitech ensured that Openway complied with all local regulations and employment laws in Indonesia, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.
  3. Time and Cost Savings: By outsourcing HR functions and administrative tasks to Abhitech, Openway saved valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.
  4. Access to Skilled Talent: Abhitech’s headhunting services helped Openway identify and recruit highly skilled professionals, ensuring that the team in Indonesia consisted of qualified individuals who could contribute to the company’s success.
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Why choose Abhitech?

Expert and experienced consultant in HR Best Practice
Abhitech’s work process experience for >30 years in HR Solution, payroll, and quality consultants who work as HR assistants for multinational companies in Indonesia.
Onsite Legal & HR Team
In-country legal guidance through employee acquisition, contract renewals and termination, benefits distribution, and HR compliance; as well as local tax, law, and financial expertise.
Supported by HR System
You can instantly get any data, anytime via C-Portal. The link available on Login Page on Abhitech website. If you want to get further data analysis, then you can request to the Abhitech consultant team.
100% Compliant
Our platform automates local compliance. You stay current with new payroll laws.
Data is always up to date
All data in the Abhitech system must always be updated. We do a triple process to ensure that:

> The process for updating and managing data is made by the Abhitech team based on the specific needs of each company to ensure the data is always updated and neat
> Every employee can update their data online. The inputted data will be validated automatically by the system and progress is always monitored by the Abhitech team
> The Abhitech team also conducts QA and QC on data provided by employees and the company. This is also done so that your company always meets HR compliance standards in accordance with Indonesian regulations
Full Confidentiality with ISO 9001
All data in the Abhitech system is safe. We do a double process to ensure that:

> Operationally process: all procedures are ISO 9001 certified.
> Technically process: all servers & database storage are managed in-house by Abhitech with international standard security supported by recognized technology suppliers.
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When a EOR in Indonesia is Right for You?

Remove Market Entry Barriers

Accelerate your business expansion to Indonesia.

Reduce Costs

No cost associated with opening an office abroad. From the expenses related to establishing a subsidiary, to hiring legal and financial assistants, building a team abroad from scratch ends up costing company an arm and a leg.

Comply with Local Laws & Mitigate Risks

Shift the burden of responsibility off the organization onto us. Thus, you don't have to worry about the consequences of accidental tax documentation negligence or non-compliance with local labor laws.

As Your EoR in Indonesia, We Save You Time and Money

Dedicated Team

Expert & experienced consultants in managing your local HR needs (payroll, social security, onboarding, expenses, leaves, attendance, and others)

HR Legal Advisory

100% compliance for your employee to do the business in Indonesia

Supported by Abi HRIS

Our cloud HRIS platform (Abi) provides you with a secure and seamless online portal to manage your employees. Anytime, anywhere.
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    This means the you can employ your desired talent legally in Indonesia without having local legal entities.

    Abhitech is the employer on paper of your employee. We handle the employment legalities, run payroll, benefit administrations, and others.
    Yes. We provide the PEO Service. We help managing HR functions, like payroll and benefits administration, in Indoneisa where you already own your own entity.
    Yes. Beside payroll, employment contracts, and other administrations, We can help you recruit your new employee. The decision is always yours.
    Yes. You also can choose and bring your talent to Indonesia without Abhitech Hiring Help.
    Abhitech can calculate Tax (PPh21) & BPJS automatically and always conform to government regulations
    The short answer is yes, but doing so either requires you to open your own legal entity in the country or employ the workers as contractors. Both strategies have their pros and cons.

    If you open your own legal entity, you will be responsible for managing your entire presence in the new country. That means hiring lawyers, payroll specialists, benefits administrators, and other professionals. Doing so may make sense if you plan to hire hundreds of people in a new country, but if you only plan to employ a handful (or even a few dozen), an EOR is more cost effective.

    Hiring workers as contractors requires you to be diligent. International contractor misclassification is a serious issue and can lead to hefty fines and penalties. Going through an EOR insulates your business from potential compliance risks by making workers fully fledged employees.
    An employer of record (EOR) can hire employees on your behalf in other countries, while a professional employer organization (PEO) may not. Some companies call themselves “international PEOs” and provide EOR services. Others using the term “international PEO” only provide services for companies that already own legal entities in other countries.

    Think of it this way: if you want to hire a person in a country where you do not own a legal entity, you need an EOR. If you want help managing HR functions, like payroll and benefits administration, in a country or region where you already own your own entity, you need a PEO. Basically, a PEO offers most of the same services as an EOR, but does not handle the legal employment of your employees in other countries.