HR Program Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Calculate your company's potential financial gain or saving towards adding or eliminating the HR Program budget this year.

Are you willing to gain more revenue from HR Programs? or Are you willing to save more costs by eliminating HR Programs?

How much is the difference?
Important Note: The calculator on this page is provided by Calconic through Abhitech Resource Center and is designed to provide general guidance and estimates.
It shows you how much the potential gain is if you add more budget to your HR Programs such as investing in Training, Employer Branding, Culture Adaptation Programs, ATS for Recruitment, or Manpower, Payroll, and Administration Outsourcing and others. It also shows you how much your saving if you cut the HR Programs.
It demonstrates a clear picture of the potential gain and saving if you add or cut your HR budget this year.
We take several variables of this calculator; HR Budget, Employee Salary, Percentage of HR Budget Cut, and Percentage of Employee Productivity caused by HR Programs.

The ideal HR Programs could increase employee productivity in your company. Also, the HR program budget cut could identify the saving of your company's costs.

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