Benefit Family Visa for Spouses and Children in Indonesia

There are benefits of a Family Visa, namely KITAS C317 in Indonesia. This visa is not only for you but also for your children and partner.

What is Family Visa KITAS C317?

Foreign nationals applying for KITAS C317 for family reunification in Indonesia

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According to the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in IndonesiaForeigners in mixed marriages or family, reunification can apply for a KITAS Stay Visa Index C 317. If you want to bring your partner to Indonesia, you can apply for KITAS, an acronym for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, which translates to the Temporary Stay Permit Card.

Visa Guide A family visa is a document issued for family reunification purposes in a foreign country. Usually, to qualify for a family visa, you need to have a family member, i.e., a spouse/partner, parent, sibling, or child who is settled in a foreign country and you want to join them. 

From this definition, we already understand. In simple terms, a Family Visa is a document issued for family reunification in a foreign country. This visa allows a person to join family members, such as a spouse, parents, siblings, or children, who already reside in the country.

You can read a summary of the Family visa KITAS C317 here.

The importance of family reunification through a family visa.

According to Imigrasi Family unification visa is a type of limited stay visa (VITAS) that facilitates foreigners (OA) to join their families in Indonesia. This visa is indexed C317 and has a varying validity period, ranging from six months to two years. Unfortunately, not everyone who has family in Indonesia can apply for this type of visa.

If you want to bring your wife/husband and children to Indonesia, the type of KITAS they need is dependent on KITAS (C317). This KITAS is specifically designed for family members of the primary KITAS holder, allowing them to stay in Indonesia as dependents. That’s one of the Benefit Family Visa KITAS C317.

Type of KITAS in Indonesia here

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Benefit Family Visa KITAS C317 for Couples

Indonesian KTP and SIM cards obtained through KITAS C317 Family Visa

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The KITAS C317 Family Visa provides numerous advantages for foreign couples married to Indonesian citizens or for those where both partners are foreigners. However one is employed or holds a residence permit in Indonesia.

Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Ease of Living and Working in Indonesia: Spouses of KITAS C317 Family Visa holders can live and work in Indonesia, allowing them to support family life and contribute to the local economy. 

    According to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, a Limited Stay Visa not for work is given to foreigners who want to join their families in Indonesia. Holders of this visa may not work in Indonesia.

  2. Access to Health Services and Education: Spouses and their children have easier access to health services and educational institutions in Indonesia, ensuring a healthy standard of living and quality education for families. 
  3. Pathway to Permanent Residency and Indonesian Citizenship: This visa opens a pathway for spouses to obtain permanent residency status (KITAP) and eventual Indonesian citizenship, strengthening their ties to this country.
    You can learn about limited and permanent residence permits here. 
  4. Couples can secure an Indonesian Identity Card (KTP) and Driving License (SIM): simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing daily mobility.
  5. Opening a local bank account: Streamlines financial transactions, while eligibility to apply for loans or credit cards aids in family financial management.
  6. Eligible for Local Prices: Couples benefit from local pricing at numerous tourist spots, making vacations and leisure activities more affordable.

Benefit Family Visa KITAS C317 for Children

Family exploring Indonesian culture with access from KITAS C317 Visa

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KITAS C317 Family Visa extends numerous advantages to the children of couples, including:

  1. Residence and Education Rights: In Indonesia, children can reside and enroll in both local and international schools, receiving high-quality education.
  2. Health and Social Services Access: Enhanced access to health and social services supports children’s healthy development.
  3. Indonesian Citizenship Opportunity: Children can obtain Indonesian citizenship, gaining full citizen rights and reinforcing their connection to Indonesia.

In essence, the KITAS C317 Family Visa simplifies administrative procedures for expat families and enriches them. Their living standards and bonds with Indonesia.

KITAS C317 Family Visa Application Process:

  1. Sponsorship: You’ll need a local sponsor, such as your Indonesian spouse or your employer. This sponsor is responsible for your family’s stay in Indonesia.
  2. Required Documents: Prepare essential documents like a valid passport, marriage certificate, and your child’s birth certificate. Also, show proof of sufficient funds for living in Indonesia.
  3. Application Process: You can apply for KITAS C317 through the Directorate General of Immigration or via a professional visa agent. Abhitech guides you from form filling to document collection.
  4. Costs and Duration: The cost and time to process KITAS C317 vary by agent or service. Typically, it spans several weeks to months.


Benefit Family Visa KITAS C317 in Indonesia offers spouses and children of foreign nationals significant benefits. This visa enables family reunification, facilitating harmonious living and access to employment, health services, and education. It simplifies administrative tasks like opening bank accounts and applying for loans.

Moreover, it paves the way for permanent residency and Indonesian citizenship, deepening family connections to Indonesia.

Applying for the KITAS C317 Family Visa demands careful preparation. Applicants must understand the requirements, including choosing the correct sponsor, gathering necessary documents, and following the application steps.

With professional help from a trusted visa agent like Abhitech, the application process can go more smoothly, ensuring that your family can enjoy all the benefits offered by this visa without any hassle. More info here

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